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natural mineral water with the highest quality in the nationwide market.


Since 1992 we are taking high quality, PURE AND NATURAL MINERAL WATER to many places of the country. We make every effort to extract, filter, purify, bottle and give the customer products that they have successfully approved throughout the years.

We have endured over time with dedication to service and innovation in our several products, 25 years of the same flavor, accompanying your “terere” rounds, hydrating you after every sport effort, and just quench your thirsty after a workday.

Social Responsibility

Our processing and bottling plant with more than 3000 m2, located in the city of San Lorenzo, Barrio Redoubt, allows us to foster a center of community development with other industries in the area, we are constantly developing strategies for social action, work commitment and environmental responsibility.

Added Value

We seek QUALITY, we ensure the INTEGRITY, we are characterized by the COMMITMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY, and we meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene at work.


Through our 150 meters deep extraction wells, we extract the pure and natural water directly from the Patiño aquifer which is then taken to the filtration, sterilization and packaging plant.

Did you know?

Tonic Water contains antipyretic, antimalarial and analgesic properties that help soothe upset stomachs and improve digestion.

If you drink enough water regularly, you reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Water removes toxins and waste products from your body.


Distributors Numbers City Address
1 - Casa Central (021) 595 127 | (021) 595 129 | (021) 595 271/2 Asunción Av. De La Victoria c/ Campo Jordan
2 - Distribuidora Fusion 061 579 240/2 Ciudad Del Este Km. 3 1/2, Urbanizacion Parque Diana
3 - Nebraska S.A. 061 575 357 Ciudad Del Este Km. 8 Acaray, Parque Empresarial San Juan Bloque D
4 - Comercial MF 0983 358 598 Encarnación Ruta 6ta. Km 4 1/2, Arroyo Porã. Barrio Conavi
5 - Distribuidora RG 0982 358 598 Coronel Oviedo Ayola y Manuel Ortiz Guerrero, Barrio San Isidro
6 - Mercado LUZ 0336 273 473 Pedro Juan Caballero Mcal. Lopez 1767 c/ C. Dominguez e Iturbe

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